Cosmetic Surgery

mirage search ukCosmetic Surgery In The Era of Beauty
It is the most wide-spread form of plastic surgery and is generally associated with voluntary and optional surgical or non-surgical practices (e.g.: Botox, laser hair removal) that are intended to improve appearance, boost self-confidence, correct unaesthetic features, forms, sizes or conceal the signs of aging. In case of cosmetic surgery we cannot talk about dysfunctional parts of the body

Both types of plastic surgeries have serious cost implications, however the former is usually partly or fully covered by health insurance plans, whereas the expenses of the latter have to be financed in its totality by the patient.

Some Facts And Figures About Aesthetic Or Cosmetic Surgery
The largest market for cosmetic surgeries is the United States, where an average 10 million cosmetic procedures are performed annually. There is a growing number of patients from African- American, Hispanic and Caucasian American ethnic groups.

Europe and countries of the Far East such as China, India and Thailand are also market leaders in the offer and demand of cosmetic surgery abroad.

The five most frequently asked for cosmetic surgery abroad are breast augmentation, liposuction, nasal and eyelid surgery and abdominoplasty.

How To Select The Best Cosmetic Surgeon?

  • If you wish to have a surgery in the U.S.A the best you can do is check out the list the American Board of Plastic Surgery and check if your choice is a certified member.
  • Ask for references; check the doctor’s former jobs and first-hand ex-patient opinions.
  • Your surgeon must have at least 5 years of experience in a number of distinct cosmetic procedures.
  • Do not feel shy to ask your doctor about his continuing education and the year they took their final exam.
  • Check the doctor’s records looking for malpractice accusations or judgments.
  • You will quite probably have the cosmetic surgery on an outpatient private cosmetic surgery center, but all reliable plastic surgeons must have back up hospital contacts where he sends his patients for background checks. Cosmetic surgery centers do not usually have facilities to do lab tests.
  • Take your time with pre-surgical appointments and analyze everything objectively. Do not pick a doctor just because he/she seems so kind.
  • Plastic surgery prices may differ significantly, do not fall for low prices or too-good-to-be-truth offers. In some cases a cheap deal is often more expensive eventually. Quality materials and surgical technologies are costly business.
  • Be careful with multiple procedures, it may mean more money in the doctor’s pocket, but the risk to have complications are much higher.

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